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You Have an Amazing Offering. More People Should Know About It.

Lots of businesses have an amazing product or service, but struggle to differentiate themselves.

You continue to pour money into marketing, but you're not seeing the results you deserve.

There's a better way that is more fun, more inspiring, and produces better results.

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Specialists in Content Marketing

Our small team works with business leaders to tell stories that inspire action. Through business-aligned content strategy, our mission is to tell the authentic stories that are hidden within your brand, building engaged audiences that turn into loyal customers.

If you're ready for others to know your brand is as awesome as you know it is, book a 30-minute meeting. You'll leave with actionable steps to start storytelling for your business, regardless of if you decide to engage with us or not.
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What Our Clients Say

“My experience with you, Kyle, working not just with the US team, but also our French team and others across the globe, has been one that’s pretty seamless… It’s not about the project, it’s about the relationship… and the people, including yourself, who are behind the camera and on scene make our focus of those videos really comfortable and it shines through in the work that is revealed in the end.”

Ann Dervin
Director of North America Marketing, Thuasne
Thuasne Case Study

“The Courtside Group has been a tremendous partner for us. One of the things I like about working with Courtside is their ability to create professional content that gives you a sense of credibility and creativity, without losing sight of the business objectives you’re actually trying to accomplish. The quality is there and the traffic is there… video views, number of clicks, website visitors, all of those things have increased month over month since we’ve been working with [Courtside].

Kade Brewster
Founder and CEO, Brewster Consulting Group

"Kyle and the team at The Courtside Group helped us tell a story that is authentic and real to who we are at BPR. Keeping up with video content can be a challenge, so I appreciate working with a team that understands our business and can make my life as a business owner easier. They operate like a partner as opposed to a vendor."

Spencer Nix
Owner, Behavior and Performance Research

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We Focus on Driving Authentic Marketing

Ready to engage your customers in a new way? Courtside is a content marketing agency focused on helping businesses execute the highest value opportunities to drive revenue through the power of Authentic Marketing.


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