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Our process

We focus on understanding your business and driving value in the best way.

Discovery Call

We take time to understand your business, what your goals are, and where we can add value. During this phase we want to learn about your organization and brainstorm the opportunities to add the most value.

Authentic Marketing Assessment

We begin our engagements with our Authentic Marketing Assessment that is designed to align key stakeholders around your brand's ultimate endgame, your target customer(s), and the tactical action items to achieve your goals. It's an in-depth strategic planning session that lays the foundation for all of our client engagements, providing ultimate clarity on the best ways to drive your business forward.

Project Kickoff

During the project kickoff, Courtside will align all the relevant stakeholders to ensure clear communications and aligned expectations for the project. During this phase, we will ensure that everyone knows where the bus is heading, and each individual will understand where they're sitting on the bus and why. No more missed deadlines due to finger-pointing, miscommunications, or out-of-whack expectations.

Creative Execution

We're not really into ideas without execution. During this phase we are turning ideas into action and delivering on our strategy. Ever had great ideas but struggled to execute them? Not anymore! Whether it's video, copywriting, website design, or branding, you'll know who is delivering your work so that what gets talked about in meetings actually gets executed on in quickly.

Testing and Iteration

Ideas are great, but most people don't have the gift of clairvoyance (if you possess this, we're hiring). Since we can't predict the future, Courtside will be learning alongside you constantly to be able to fine-tune the best-fit strategy. Courtside will help you track metrics and fine tune the strategy that works best for your brand.

We focus on driving Authentic Marketing

Too many agencies focus on selling bloated campaigns that benefit them. Courtside is a marketing agency focused on helping businesses execute the highest value opportunities to drive revenue through the power of Authentic Marketing.


Know Your Endgame


Understand Your Audience


Execute With Authenticity

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