Case study


Thuasne is a 175-year old medical device manufacturer based in Paris, France. Thuasne USA began conversations in early 2023 about telling the story of Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua, a Baylor University basketball player who suffered a terrible ACL injury that led to nerve damage that threatened to take him off the court forever. Yet despite not being able to dorsal flex his left foot, Jon returned to the court just nine months later, armed with Thuasne's SpryStep Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO).

A story like this demands to be told, and Courtside was hired for the job. After the success of Jonathan's video, and a stated goal by Thuasne to create a culture of storytelling.Thuasne engaged The Courtside Group to tell the stories of two other incredible athletes, Letchen DuPlessis and Cheryl Hile.

More is below about Thuasne is leveraging Courtside's storytelling expertise to drive a culture of storytelling that can empower the next 175 years of Thuasne.

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