The Story of Courtside

How The Courtside Group spun out of the world of sports marketing to make an impact for businesses across the country.

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Our vision

We exist to challenge norms and bring value via Authentic Marketing.


Know Your Endgame

Every organization needs their marketing strategy to align with the overall business strategy. Too often, marketers think short term, but the best marketing plans have a clear endgame to drive towards.


Understand Your Audience

Although this rule seems obvious, too often it is not followed. Brands need to know who their marketing is speaking to, and why they should target that audience.


Execute With Authenticity

Each brand is different, with a unique voice, feeling, and tone. Imitating other brands can yield short-term results, but Authentic Brands should always be thinking long term.

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February 2021

Progage is Founded

Courtside's roots started when our sister company, Progage, was founded in February 2021. With a vision to better serve athletes and brands with quality technology solutions, Progage launched and began helping brands understand how to more effectively market with athletes.

July 2021

NIL Legislation Leads to Growth

When the NCAA passed legislation allowing student-athletes to profit off of their Name, Image, Likeness (NIL), a new industry erupted and Progage began experiencing rapid growth helping brands navigate the uncharted waters.

January 2022

The Move into Creative

Starting in 2022, Progage began serving clients with creative needs in addition to talent sourcing and consulting. This was the beginning of what eventually would become The Courtside Group.

September 2022

The Courtside Group is Founded

After executing creative campaigns for our clients in the athlete marketing space, and hearing over and over how much clients enjoyed our creative process compared to other agencies, we decide to launch a new brand dedicated to helping brands tell stories and leverage creative marketing. Lauching Courtside has allowed us to serve clients who were not interested in sports marketing, such as established B2B brands, healthcare firms, and young CPG startups.

Our story

The Courtside Group was founded based on experiences derived from Progage, a sports marketing company.

The Baseline: Tips and Tricks for Building Your Brand

Learn more about marketing strategy, branding, and content from our free resources below.

How to Maximize Content for Your Brand

Producing high-quality content for your brand is imperative for success in today's market, but it can be difficult to keep up with. In this short video, The Courtside Group founder Kyle Fenner discusses tips on how to structure your content strategy to produce results while making life easier.

A Look at Crispy Fantasy Cereal's Organic Social Content

Crispy Fantasy Cereal is a CPG brand that sells low-sugar and high-protein cereal. Despite selling a rather ordinary and non-exciting product, Crispy Fantasy Cereal has managed to accrue tens of thousands of TikTok followers in just a few months. They've leveraged this audience to build their brand and sell cereal direct-to-consumer. In this video we'll talk about Crispy Fantasy Cereal and explore their success so far.

The Keys to Landing Page Optimization

Effective landing pages are crucial for businesses. They serve as lead generation funnels for services businesses and sales funnels for product pages. In this video, Courtside principal strategist, Kyle Fenner, walks through the process of optimizing a client landing page.

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Let’s work together

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