Video Production

If you aren’t so proud of your films that you’re showing them to your friends on a Saturday night, you’ll get your money back. 

FPV Drone for Dallas Film Commission
Get a view of Dallas like you've never seen before.

Watch your story come to life

Brand Films

Brand films are the storytelling engine that powers your sales train to close more deals with less effort. Simon Sinek explains it as focusing on the why instead of the what, Verne Harnish says people buy from people not businesses. Whatever the reason you're reading this, you must want to leverage the power of storytelling to close more deals with less effort. Brand films communicate the emotional, powerful, meaningful story of your organization and they allow the world to watch.

If you're interested in exploring your story, let's get in touch and chat through some ideas on an introductory call.

Your expertise + our cameras = quality content

Just like you, your prospects are being constantly bombarded with information and advertisements. If you want to connect, you need to give away valuable resources before asking for anything. Quality organic video content allows brands to create informative and engaging content in order to create thought leadership, which builds trust, improves SEO, and ultimately leads to loyal customers.

So you're ready to open up the floodgates?

Whether your brand sells to consumers or businesses, the right paid media strategy paired with the right creative can have a huge impact on your P&L. If you're ready to create engaging, scroll-stopping content that will help you sell more products, let's talk.

More Than a Basketball Player
The story of Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua's improbable return to the court.

Authentic Marketing Framework

We help our clients win more business by applying the Authentic Marketing Framework to everything we do.

Know your endgame


Marketing and branding are tools to create long-term business success. At Courtside, we believe it is imperative to be synced with the business's long-term strategy so that all marketing activities are driving towards that outcome.

Understand your audience


Everything you do from a marketing perspective should have a specific persona in mind. Without a clear understanding of who you're talking to, brands have a tendency to try to talk to everyone, leading to confusing messaging that leaves your marketing falling short.

Execute with authenticity

Don't just copy

In today's age of social media trends, influencers, and chasing algorithms, brands often have a tendency to put together a marketing program that revolves around copying what is working for others at that time. Although that's no inherently wrong, that thinking is short-term, and successful marketing needs to result in long-term success. Instead of simply copying others, we focus on telling the stories that are authentic to your brand, so you can stand out and win in the long term.

Our Clients

Companies growing with Courtside

stop with boring content

Let's create awesome

If you're ready for your marketing partner to deeply understand your business, and you're tired of low-value marketing efforts that you're paying a fortune for, let's talk.

For Courtside, awesome means valuable content, engaging storytelling, and beautiful branding that helps your business make more money.

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