How Aviation Companies Are Using Short-Form Video Content

April 1, 2024
How Aviation Companies Are Using Short-Form Video Content

How Aviation Companies Are Using Short-Form Video Content

89% of consumers want to see more videos from brands in 2024. Within this preference is the overwhelming desire by end-users to connect with a brand via short-form video. This trend among consumers translates to all kinds of businesses, even those in the aviation industry.

A short-form video content strategy differs from other marketing strategies aviation companies have used. These include promoting frequent-flier programs, highlighting the impressive specs of an airplane, and partnering with online travel agencies and search engines to rank high for inquiries about travel. 

The goal of this blog is not to discredit these previously listed strategies. In fact, they are necessary for aviation companies to communicate important facts about their fleets, prices, and services available. 

The goal of this blog is to highlight how brands are finding success in creating separation from competitors through short-form video content.

Why Are Aviation Companies Using Short-Form Video Content?

In both the private aircraft and commercial airline space, more brands are utilizing short-form video content to connect and build trust with their target audience. The key reason for this strategy is that short-form video content can effectively tell stories and show visuals that engage an audience’s emotions. The reality is that people buy emotionally and justify those buying decisions logically.

Many major airlines have appealing frequent-flier programs, and notable private aviation companies all have incredible aircraft for lease or purchase. But how do these brands win the customer instead of their competitors? It is all about connecting with people. Hence, welcome aboard short-form video content.

Below are a few case studies of aviation companies that have utilized first-class short-form video content strategies.


Lifestyle Aviation:

Who They Are: Lifestyle Aviation is a company that champions modern private aircraft through their own marketplace of new and used planes. They assist individuals in achieving their lifestyle goals through personal aircraft ownership and aircraft selection support.

What They Did: Lifestyle Aviation partnered with Diamondo Earthrounding to make a short video for their YouTube channel about the Diamond DA50 airplane flying across the globe. Diamondo Earthrounding is a non-profit that seeks to uplift and link global efforts of sustainable aviation by flying across the world. Diamondo Earthrounding chose the Diamond DA50 to be the airplane of choice for this pursuit, and since Lifestyle Aviation is the number one dealer for Diamond Aircraft, they jumped on the opportunity to tell the story.

Reflection: The video succeeds in that it targets the two key audiences for private aircraft. The first target audience is made up of affluent individuals who desire the lifestyle and convenience of owning an airplane. They care about avoiding airports and traffic by flying wherever they want whenever they want. The second target audience is made up of aviation enthusiasts who also have the finances to purchase an airplane. These individuals are likely career airline pilots or have been flying private aircraft for a long time.

The two groups often have different buying journeys, even if those journeys lead them to the same plane. Lifestyle Aviation took note of this and made the video so that both target audiences could engage and relate emotionally. 

For the first target audience, the buying journey often begins with desiring the lifestyle and convenience of owning an airplane. For them, the engine specs don’t move the needle. Rather, they want to know more about what the plane can do instead of the plane itself. This video highlights what the Diamond DA50 can do to compliment a lifestyle of travel and high-end experiences. The DA50 isn’t just for flying to the next town, but luxurious destinations across the globe are readily accessible by owning this plane. 

The second group differs from the first group in that their buying journey more often will begin with desiring an airplane with certain specs, and then searching for that specific airplane. This is a more detailed and selective approach. This group certainly cares about what the plane can do, but they are also interested in the granular details of the aircraft. How the aircraft behaves during the landing phase, fuel efficiency, and the engine specs are important deciding factors when searching for an airplane to own.

The video on Lifestyle Aviation’s YouTube page tells the story of the amazing experiences that can be had with the DA50, and highlights its impressive specs and features. Both target audiences are invited to engage emotionally and grow their trust for Lifestyle Aviation as a leader in the private aircraft space.

Bonus Reflection: Lifestyle Aviation’s short-form video content on their Instagram page also targets both of their key audiences. Some videos highlight the specs of planes they sell, while others simply display the lifestyle that comes with owning a plane. A handful of their videos have millions of views, and one key reason for this is that people are eager to engage with the story and visuals of aircraft ownership.

British Airways:

Who They Are: British Airways is the flag carrier airline for the United Kingdom.

What They Did:, British Airways made headlines recently for celebrating 10 years of flying between Austin, TX and London Heathrow. To mark this decade of flying between these two cities, British Airways wanted to do something to honor and celebrate the city and culture of Austin, TX. 

They sent their executive chef Mark Brega to team up with pitmaster Aaron Franklin who owns the iconic Franklin Barbeque in Austin. Throughout the month of March, customers flying from Austin to London had the option to enjoy brisket, sauce, and side dishes inspired by Franklin Barbeque. British Airways then produced a short video to tell this awesome story.

Reflection: No overt call to action. No promo codes. No sneaky sales tactics. British Airways did none of these things, and yet no doubt were customers driven to their brand.

British Airways sought to tell a story that captured the emotions of consumers. By going out of their way to learn about and celebrate the city of Austin, consumers felt acknowledged and valued. This leads to brand trust and loyalty because customers feel cared for by the airline. Customers were moved from feeling like seat numbers to valuable people. At the end of the day, selling a brand is all about human connection, and that is exactly what British Airways accomplished through this video.

Alaska Airlines:

Who They Are: Alaska Airlines is the fifth largest airline in the United States based on total passengers. They are known for impressive customer satisfaction as they rank high each year compared to other airlines. 

What They Did: Recently, Alaska Airlines has used short-form video content on their Instagram page and YouTube channel to tell the stories of their own employees. These short stories document the lives and jobs of employees including pilots, aircraft maintenance technicians, and customer service representatives.

Reflection: Companies and brands that excel in customer satisfaction are those that take efforts to display their care for people. Alaska Airlines clearly showed how they value people by celebrating and telling the stories of their own folks behind the scenes.

After reading through the comments on some of these videos, it was clear that customers really appreciate how Alaska Airlines cares for their employees. These short stories leave customers with a feeling that they value people, and this increases brand trust. This is especially true in the current cultural moment where work conditions and culture are important for people in many industries.

As consumers are watching these videos, they get the feeling that if employees are more than just payroll, then customers can be more than just a source of revenue. Additionally, these videos offer a space for customers to connect with the brand on a deeper level. The Alaska Airlines employees highlighted give consumers people with which to root for and connect. Their stories and experiences with Alaska Airlines gives consumers a positive feeling that drives them back to the brand for future flights.

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